Why Do Doctors Marry Doctors? – Benefits of Medical Marriages

Why Do Doctors Marry Doctors?

Valentine’s Day is approaching, meaning that everyone is in love, even when it comes to busy doctors. Find out why a healthcare professional can be the best choice for this vacation.

Nearly 40 percent of physicians are likely to marry another physician or health care professional, according to the 2014 Work/Life Profiles of Today’s Physician released by AMA Insurance (2014 Updated).

Many doctors marry other health professionals because of their age and availability, said Amit Sachdeva, an emergency physician who lives in Noida with his wife, a Gynecologist.

“The moments in your life when you look for a partner are very much in line with the time in medical education and training,” he said. “It’s a big part of life, and your social circles revolve around it.”

Working long hours with friends at the hospital, especially during residency, may also stoke the flames for a new romance. As a resident, Krista Bott, MD, a surgeon at Moses Taylor Hospital, said she worked nearly 80 hours a week at the hospital and when she wasn’t there, she’d study for hours at home. “All of my friends in the area were from work,” she said. “So it came as no surprise to me that most of the people who worked there, dated there.” During her residency, Bott followed suit and began dating a nurse, who is now her husband.


Benefits of medical marriages ( Doctors Marry Doctors)


Some physicians report that they enjoy having a companion who shares their perspective and passion for medicine.

The long hours with friends in the hospital, especially during the residence, can also burn the flames for a new love relationship. Krista Bott, a surgeon at Moses Taylor Hospital, said she worked in the hospital nearly 80 hours a week, and when she was away, she studied at home. “All my friends in the area came home from work,” he said. “I’m not surprised that most people who work there go out with them.” During her residence, Bott followed her example and started meeting a nurse who is now her husband.

Dr. Tarun Kaushik explained that marrying someone who knows the unique challenges of physicians, such as patient loss or critical life events, also has psychological and emotional benefits. “Most people see someone die once or twice in their lives, but it’s not weird for them,” he said. “It can be difficult for you to be with someone who does not understand that.”

Plus, there’s an added bonus to having a medical partner at home.

“We can talk about the same medical terminology,” Dr. Tarun Kaushik, which facilitates the communication in their relationship, since explaining situations can easily be frustrating.


Challenges for physicians to consider


Although many doctors have found the love and commitment of their peers, building a relationship with a doctor is a challenge.

For one, if you and your partner have children, finding reliable childcare that accommodates the schedules of two busy physicians can be difficult.

It’s also hard to strike a work-life balance as a couple, Dr. Manoj Aggarwal said, adding that having “your heart and soul wrapped up in your patients” can really strain a relationship.

And although many physicians have found solace in their common traits, having to be equals also has disadvantages. “As a doctor, you learn that you are the decision maker, but that you go home and are with another decision maker,” Dr. Avneesh Vij.

Despite the potential dangers of medical marriages, Dr. Pramod Saini says he is happy to be able to live with someone who shares his plans for the future. “We can really go wherever we want and there will always be a hospital where we can work,” he said. “We feel good in life, we can do the things we want, and our children are well cared for.”


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