Try These Foods For Beautiful Hairs – Oiling May Do Wonders For Your Hair

There is a reason why your mother can not stop talking about the benefits of her hair. From time immemorial, the fatting of the hair and massaging the scalp is associated with several benefits to the hair; from stopping hair loss to preventing dandruff and promoting hair growth. Myna Batavia, the founder of Sinfully Myne, has suggested some lubricating benefits that will force her to make her greasy hair a regular habit. Read This: Top 9 Hair Tips: How oiling can make a difference to your hair


Hair Growth, Oiling, Foods For Hair, Foods For Beautiful Hairs
Hair Growth, Oiling, Foods For Hair, Foods For Beautiful Hairs


1. The summers are here, in a hot climate the hair tends to become very curly, dry and lifeless due to direct sunlight. Oil with castor oil can have a calming effect on the scalp. Add ingredients like Brahmi and camphor to the oil and massage the scalp to maximize the cooling properties.

2. If you like to swim, it is also natural in the summer that hair is extremely fragile due to prolonged exposure to heat, sweat, and chlorine. To avoid such damage, it is advisable to use a combination of essential oils such as coconut oil, ginger oil and castor oil with aloe vera and white hibiscus leaves. The oils act as a sealant and seal the cuticles, leaving the hair looking shiny and smooth.

3. Another benefit of these oils is the presence of fatty acids. These acids replace lost lipids in the hair. Lipid loss is an important factor in the formation of forks. You need to know the right way to use the oil unless the hair is extremely dense, it is advisable to use a few drops on the palm to rub through the hair and rake, advises the expert.
If the hair is coarser, you can increase the amount slightly.

Beauty specialist Aakriti Kochar also suggests a handful of lubrication benefits in the summer.

One of the key benefits of having greasy hair in the summer is that it creates a shield to protect your hair from sun damage. Damage caused by the sun can lead to excessive dehydration and haze of the hair texture. In addition, oiling helps to strengthen the hair. Strengthen your hair from the roots.

She suggests some oils that you can look at during the summer

• Coconut oil: Coconut oil is light, so it is a pleasant choice in summer. It nourishes the scalp and, after greasing in the shampoo, effortlessly cleanses dirt and dead cells on the scalp say the expert.

• Almond oil: rich in vitamin E, almond oil makes it a good hair cleanser and keeps hair healthy and facilitates hair growth. It also works again scalp infections caused by excessive sweating (a mixture of oil and sweat). It is excellent for treating dandruff.

• Olive oil: Olive oil penetrates deep into the scalp and supplies it from the inside.

Your diet also plays a role in the health of your hair. Here are some foods that you should also consider to supplement your diet to prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair.

1. Spinach: Spinach is an excellent vegetarian food for hair growth. Spinach is an excellent source of iron, vitamins A and C, and protein. Iron deficiency is the leading cause of hair loss and spinach is not only rich in iron but also contains sebum, which acts as a natural hair conditioner. It also provides omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron.

2. Eggs and Dairy Products: Eggs and dairy products are excellent foods for hair growth and thickness. Milk, yogurt, and eggs are rich in essential nutrients such as protein, vitamin B12, iron, zinc and omega 6. Fatty dairy products are also an excellent source of biotin (vitamin B7) hair

3. Guava: Vitamin C prevents hair from becoming brittle and brittle, and guavas contain more vitamin C than oranges! Like the fruits, the leaves also contain vitamins B and C, which increase the collagen’s activity necessary for hair growth.

4. Barley: Barley is loaded with Vitamin E, which helps to treat thinning hair. Barley is also rich in iron and copper, which help to produce red blood cells and strengthen hair follicles.


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Try These Foods For Beautiful Hairs – Oiling May Do Wonders For Your Hair



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