The first New Year baby girl born would get free education up to the degree level.

The first New Year’s daughter, who was born on Monday morning at 00:05 in a municipal hospital in the western suburbs of the city receives a free education to the civilian body of the city, said an official.

The first girl born at five minutes past midnight on Sunday in the New Year at Rajajinagar Civic Hospital was selected to receive a free education until the low-interest diploma of Rs 5 lakh is received, which the BBMP receives in a bank “said his spokesman L Suresh IANS.


first New Year Baby Girl Born Would Get Free Education


The happy girl, born of Pushpa M, 25, wife of Gopi M, 25, is also her first child.

“We are very grateful to the civil authorities for this plan and help raise our children,” the child’s father told IANS.

In an effort to celebrate the girl and promote her education, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) previously announced that the first girl in a municipal hospital would receive free education in the New Year.

“The first girl to be born on January 1 in a normal delivery at a city hospital in the city would receive free education up to university level so girls are not considered a burden,” said Bangalore Mayor R. Sampath Raj, at IANS. earlier.

“Pregnant women who go to the hospital for delivery usually come from poor families and sadly think that a girl is a burden they need to raise,” Raj said.

The BBMP would make a fixed deposit of Rs 5 lakh under the name of its commissioner and child. The interest of about 6.5 to 7 percent a year on the amount would be used for the education of the girl.

The child’s mother works under contract with the foreign minister, while the father also works under contract as a commercial engineer in the city.

“My wife and I earned less than Rs 20,000 a month after all the work we do, and this plan would definitely help us, as well as our son,” Gopi said.

“We hope that our daughter will receive a good education, we dream of one day becoming a politician,” she added.

Since cesarean section can be initiated at any time, civilian doctors have chosen to reward only girls born of the natural process. Of the 32 health centers in the city managed by the city council, 26 are maternity hospitals.

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