St. Petersburg Named Best Tourist Destination In Europe 2016


St. Petersburg won the World Travel Awards’ Best Tourist Destination in Europe’ nomination for two consecutive years, the official site of World Travel Awards said on Monday.

About 1 million tourists and tourism experts voted for St. Petersburg in 2016. The main parameters to determine a winner in this nomination are safety, infrastructure, and hotel chains, Xinhua news agency reported.

Since 2015, China leads in the number of foreign tourists visiting St. Petersburg.

Best Tourist Destination | Check Out Pics Of St. Petersburg Posted On Twitter

Best Tourist Destination
St Petersburg Canals #photography #Pics #Travel | Posted By @Pics500px |Date 28 May 2016

Best Tourist Destination
St. Petersburg, Russia. Trinity Cathedral in background | by Alexander Petrosyan #travel #traveling #pics | Posted By @AdelekeNorman | Date 13 May 16

best touristdestination
St. Petersburg, Russia #travel #traveling #pics ” Its soo beautiful | Posted By @AdelekeNorman | Date 2 May 16

Best Tourist Destination
Winter time in St. Petersburg, Russia #travel #traveling #pics | Posted By @AdelekeNorman | Date 29 April 16

Best Tourist Destination
The architecture is breathtaking. Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia #pics #traveling | Posted By @Missederve

Best Tourist Destination
St. Petersburg, Russia #pics #traveling #vacation | Posted By @Missederve | Date 14 March
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