5 Signs That Determine How She’ll Be Great In Bed

5 Signs That Determine How She’ll Be Great In Bed

You can’t always take everything at face value, but then, sometimes what you see is actually what you get. As much as I know that s*x*al prowess can’t really be known until tested, there are signs that sometimes give it away even before you hit the bedroom.

So, I present to you 5 ways you can tell a woman’s bedroom skills is top of the chain.


I have a friend who likes very good female dancers. One day, I asked him why he’s drawn to women who can whine, and he said: “Because they’re good in bed.” I didn’t take him seriously until I met one myself. Honestly, fellas, if she can whine, there’s a very big possibility she would be good under the sheets too.


You probably haven’t noticed, but confidence level can also suggest how good person will be in bed. If they’re bold outside the bedroom, why wouldn’t they be bold inside the bedroom? Get it?


One of the many ways of giving s*xu*l pleasure is with the tongue. If a woman is extremely good at kissing, then, there’s a very big chance she’ll know to use it in many other relevant ways (you know what I mean?).


If you happen to meet her at a gym and find that her contortions game is impressive, you may have found yourself a bedroom killer. The better a person, especially a woman can contort; the easier it’ll be for her to try different positions… even the ones that seem impossible.


If you happen to get into a conversation with a girl, and somehow, she delves into s*xu*l topics, it may be an indicator that she loves s**x, and for that to be, it means she’s done it enough to develop a level of addiction to it. Now, imagine what she’d do to you in the bedroom with all that knowledge.

Remember, these are just signs; it doesn’t always mean it’s true.


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