Now It’s High Time To Leave Delhi – 7 Reasons

Leave Delhi - NCR - Gurgaon - Worst Place


A choking blanket of smog again enveloped National Capital as air quality hit the severe category in Delhi and Delhi doctors declare pollution emergency as smog chokes city but this is not the only reason to leave Delhi.

Here are 7 reasons to leave Delhi permanently.

#1. Air Pollution

You all aware that Hashtag smog has been among the top trends on Twitter for two days now. And social media is awash with hazy images of the National Capital Region.

See this video:

People are feeling scared because of air pollution and smog is trending word now but what about young children, they are living in the worst situation.

Every parent wants to give good environment, atmosphere, education to their children but your children are breathing polluted air and drinking polluted water.

According to the “World Health Organization” visibility is poor as pollution levels reached 30 times in some areas of Delhi.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) declared “a state of medical emergency” and urged the government to “make every possible effort to curb this menace”.

Now you should think again that what is future of children and your family. Think about your old age family members.

#2. Earthquake

Leave delhi - earthquake

Everyone knows that Delhi-NCR is the worst place if an earthquake occurs because of old buildings and overpopulation.

Delhi is situated on the Yamuna edge and experts feel that water from the nearby Yamuna River would turn the water-soaked subsoil to jelly, which would intensify the shaking.

The Delhi government’s own estimates say nine out of every 10 buildings in the city are at a risk of moderate or significant earthquake damage.

Yet the basic disaster response plan it had promised to complete nearly three years ago remains unfinished.

Ironically, there are nearly no earthquake awareness drills in schools and offices and tens of thousands of housing units are built every year without any earthquake safety checks.

You will not believe but Delhi sits in a high seismic zone, put in category IV on the seismic threat scale of five which is used in India.

Now your turn to think that why do you want to live in this city where is nothing fine, you are breathing polluted air and living in danger because of earthquake fear.

#3. Terrorist Attack

leave delhi - terrorist attack

Delhi NCR is the most targeted place of the terrorist group and our intelligence warns multiple times that any incident can happen in the crowded area.

You are living in a fear of death and you don’t know that your family member will return or not after leaving the home in the morning.

You, your family and your friends all are living in a fear, polluted air, and an earthquake zone, Now think again why do you want to live in Delhi NCR

#4 Health Issues

Leave Delhi - Health Issues

Delhi’s 2016 health report shows smallpox, polio deaths though they have not been detected in years these are not the only problems.

Maximum people are suffering from Vitamin Deficiency, back pain, neck pain, diabetes, and much more. Have you tried to think of why people are suffering from this disease and why numbers are increasing years by year?

If You don’t think before, then think now about your health and why do you want to live in Delhi NCR.

#5. Worst Place For Girls, Mother & Children

leave delhi - girls & child assault

Do you know! Delhi among worst places for mothers and children of the 189 countries surveyed by a global NGO for the health of mothers and children, India ranks 140.

Yes, Delhi NCR is worst place for your family and according to the State of the World’s Mothers (SOWM) 2015 report –

“The quality of life of mothers and children in the urban slums of India’s capital city is one of the worst in the world and the health inequity between the rich and the poor is stark”

And Delhi worst in crimes against children – For the fifth year in a row, Delhi proved to be the worst place to grow up in among 34 other cities located across the country.

According to data compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the city, for the fifth consecutive year since 2006, reported the largest number of cases of crime against children to the police for investigation.

You heard recent murder case of Pradhuman in Ryan Public School in Gurgaon and because of this case, maximum parents are worried about their children.

Apart from this, Delhi is one of the worst cities in the world for domestic child labor and trafficking

#6. People Are Lacking in Good Manners.


Now It's High Time To Leave Delhi


Yes, this point may be wondering you but this is the truth that Delhi people are lacking in good manners.

You don’t have to wander very far before you stumble across a man urinating against a wall or spitting on the street.

It’s something that might raise eyebrows elsewhere, but not in Delhi. Look closely, and you’ll see the tell-tale, red spit-stains from paan all over the pavement: a Betel leaf parcel most commonly filled with either powdered tobacco or areca nuts and spices, chewed throughout India as a palate cleanser, breath freshener, and mild stimulant.

PMO of India investing a large fund on Swachta Abhiyan but because of those morons people, Delhi is lacking in manners and not as much clean as it should be.

#7. Traffic and Driving is an Extreme Sport

Yes if you are living in Delhi, it means your driving is an extreme sport. Because Lanes are painted on the road but completely ignored and cars switch lanes erratically with a loud ‘hoooooonk’ rather than an indicator, tailgating comes as standard practice and taxi drivers are more interested in simultaneously chatting to the passengers

People are smoking, talking on his mobile and fiddling with the radio than driving. this is the real condition of Delhi traffic.


Maybe you are not satisfied with my reasons but you should think again about your health and about future of your family. Money is not everything and what will you do with the money if your family members are not safe.

You study hard, work hard and did not sleep for many nights because you want a good life, good atmosphere, and growth of your children but what Delhi gave you – pollution, fear, health war, traffic, busy life etc.

Before closing this blog page remember one thing – “It is health that is a real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

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