Rani Padmini – “A True Story” – The Heroine of Chittorgarh

Rani Padmini had the fragrance of a lotus and chitarini that of a flower. A hastini smell likes a fish and sankhini carries a foul smell about her.

Rani Padmini was attached to her husband, chitarini to her sons, Hastini to her mother and sankhini to her own self only

Characters of Story:

  1. PadminiWife of Ratan Singh
  2. Ratan SinghThe ruler of Chittorgarh and husband of Padmini, belongs to Gehlot dynasty
  3. Gora and BadalThey were Chauhan’s and Badal, the son of gajannan and nephew of Gora, was around twenty-three years old.
  4. Raghav ChetanaHe was in the service of the ruler on the strength of intellectual clout and “tantric” knowledge. He was an outsider in Chittorgarh.
  5. Alaudin Khalji  – Sultan of Delhi & Loves to Rani Padmini

Why Does Raghav Leave Kingdom?

Raghav chetana was tantric and ratan Singh was very angry when he listens to his tantric stories and he asks Raghav Chetana to leave Chittorgarh.

Rani Padmini & Ratan Singh Marriage

Now you need to understand the story behind this event, Padmini belonged to “Ceylon” dynasty and his father conducted a swyamvar ( Marriage Ceremony where boys participate in a competition and impress girls.). Her father invites many Rajput kings and emperors in this event but Ratan Singh get married to Rani Padmini and they both returned to chittor.

Raghav Introduced Rani Padmini To Sultan Alauddin Khalji

Now as Raghav leaves the kingdom in a huff with revenge on his mind; the talented fellow soon finds a place of honour in Allaudin’s court and in course of time, gets very close to him; once, on being allowed to get personal, he explains the sultan the attributes of the women of the class of Padmini and tells him that there was not a single woman of this genre in his harem.

He further explains to him that ‘Padmini’s’ are found in Ceylon only; the sultan at first thinks of procuring a ‘Padmini’ for himself from Ceylon, but the thought of the seas in between sobers him; at this stage, the wily Raghav breathes into his ears that a ‘Padmini’ was available at Chittor also.

War Between Alauddin & Ratan Singh

Alauddin decides to go there and is admitted to the fort as a guest to satisfy his curiosity for ‘Padmini’; Ratan Singh is captured treacherously when he walks out of the gate to see off the sultan, and Padmini is demanded as ransom for the release of Ratan Singh; Padmini falls back for help on her brave-kin, Gora, and Badal, to rescue the Rawal through counter- deception.

Warriors go concealed inside 150 palkies and also as their carriers. Badal sits in one of these litters disguised as Padmini; the operation is successful. A contingent under Badal escorts Ratan Singh back to the safety of the fort. Sadly, however, Gora falls martyr while covering their escape.

The Jauhar

Jauhar has always been considered an honor for a man tp be able to possess any woman, but the woman is expected to be faithful to one man and is also considered polluted when won over by some other ruler.

Alauddin attacked again on chittor and this time he won because ratan Singh also want to fight with him and he has opened all gates of Chittor fort and When Rani Padmini find that now they are going to lose the war: Rani Padmini decide to kill herself and will Jauhar with her ladies.

“Padmini perished in the flames of Jauhar but left a legacy that still lingers in our consciousness.”



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