How To Make An Older Woman Fall In Love With You

All younger fellows, at some point, fantasize about having a relationship with an adult woman (older woman). But how exactly do you bring the cougar to your door?

The Graduate, S*x and the City, Cougar Town, Desperate Housewives–all popular movies and TV show principally revolving around the subject of older women dating younger men.

This phenomenon has an almost ubiquitous presence in modern media, and, despite the whole issue of chickens and eggs and which came first, the same phenomenon seems to have spilled out onto the streets of reality. So much so that it’s not only acceptable for a younger guy to date an older woman now; it’s actually quite desirable.

Ever the twain shall meet!

It doesn’t come solely down to popular media as to why this particular human pairing occurs so commonly. There are some fairly solid reasons as to why the older woman and younger man make such a good match.

S*x*al and physiological factors are prime reasons. With men hitting their s*x*al peaks between the ages of 18 and 21, and women somewhere around their the mid to late thirties, the conclusions to be drawn from this particular set of realities are obvious.

However, the free and more willing of the older women out there are vastly outnumbered by the quantity of young studs vying for their attention, giving them the pick of the litter. How can you compete against such overwhelming numbers? Read on for a few vital tips on the age-old art of seducing and securing the attentions of a cougar.

Dress To Impress

The average older woman has been around the block a few times. She’s seen more than you have, heard more than you have, and experienced more than you have. That also means that she’s experienced a much wider range of social situations than you, and she knows how to dress for each and every one of them.

Moreover, she feels entirely comfortable doing so. It is paramount, then, that you get the dress code right whenever you are in her presence. Making the mistake of wearing a t-shirt to a smart, casual event or a tuxedo to one that requires full morning suit attire is likely to leave her feeling distinctly underwhelmed.

Even worse, if a romantic connection has already been established, you could leave her feeling embarrassed in front of her peers–an end result that can, at best, lead to a frosty goodbye and a subsequent dismissal of your existence. Do your research, and try your best to be the man she knows she deserves.

Older Woman


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