Lip threading: A New Cosmetics Trend Emerging to Contour & Define Lips

Lip fillers have long been the pout plumping treatment of choice, ever since Kylie Jenner admitted to having the procedure on Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2015 and while fillers were named the most popular procedure of 2016 and every year since, they could soon be taken over by a new emerging beauty trend.
Lip threading is the temporary procedure which has been taking the cosmetics industry by storm – and it works by defining the lips instead of adding volume which can result in the ‘trout pout’ look.

Credited with leaving customers with a more subtle effect, it involves inserting dissolvable threads into the edges of the lips, takes just 30 minutes.

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Does it hurt?


Lip threading, essentially, is passing threads through your skin to make your lips appear more defined. The threads are made up of Poly-L-lactic acid, or PLLA, a biocompatible [non-toxic to living tissue] synthetic substance. They’re placed into the lip to help stimulate collagen production, which changes both the shape and size of the lip.

The procedure is not pain-free, though it is tolerable. A small injection of local anesthetic to the injection entry site may help to reduce the discomfort.

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Lip Threading Side Effects and is it safe?


The threads break down naturally in the lips [over time]  which means it’s made for those who are looking for lasting results.

Unfortunately, if it causes any side-effects, such as granulomas [lumps in the skin, usually produced by the body in response to inflammation or a foreign substance] or allergic reactions, treating them would be very difficult since the poly-L-lactic acid is not dissolvable or [easily] reversible. You’d need to wait for one to two years for it to dissolve naturally.

Lip threading is safe, as long as it is carried out by an experienced medical practitioner. If you are planning on having a cosmetic procedure of any kind, it is always advised to consult a qualified aesthetician and seek medical advice.


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