How Can You Become An Amateur Instagram Fitness Model? – Instagram Tips

Instagram Fitness Model – Are You?

Creating an engaged audience should be your first goal in becoming a social media influencer. An un-engaged following base is like presenting to an audience with noise canceling headphones and blindfolds on.Instagram Fitness Model

Follow these tips and you will see a consistent growth in your following.

1) Offer value. Think about why you follow an Instagram page and what they offer to you- implement that in your own way. Offer tips and details your followers can’t find elsewhere. i.e. exercise tips, motivation advice, your favorite supplements, scientific knowledge behind exercise.

2) Personalization. You are looking to gain an audience of humans with similar interests as you, so be yourself. Use language and visuals that would be appealing to you and also to your followers.

:YOU are the brand, so focus on what makes YOU different and the followers will come.

3) High Quality. Grab followers attention with quality images. No one wants to see an iPhone 4 mirror picture in a sweaty gym mirror. Focus on your content and be better than your competition. Use a nice camera and learn how to use it properly.

Instagram Fitness Model
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4) Connect. Connect with the community. The exercise industry is very niche and everyone is there for the same reason. Join the conversation through hashtags and by following other pages. Trade shoutouts for smaller pages and contact pages with large followings about buying shoutouts.

5) Consistency. Just like a scheduled TV sitcom, followers become familiar with content released in a timely manner. Pick a time to post your content and do it daily.

If you skip your time slot, you skip an opportunity to validate yourself to your followers. Consistency is key. Schedule ahead of time and optimize your posting time to increase engagement.

6) Social Tools. Instagress. Instagress. Instagress. It is a great tool to effectively grow your following and reach people you would not normally interact with. And the best part? It’s at a click of a button. Experiment with the different tools and find what works best for you. Auto comments, auto follow, geotargeting, follow/unfollow.


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