Hackers steal $530M from Japanese cryptocurrency exchange


Hackers steal $530M from Japanese cryptocurrency exchange


TOKYO – According to Japanese media reports, a Japanese stock market has lost $ 530 million in cryptocurrency to hackers.

The Coincheck Exchange reported on its website on Friday that it had stopped sales and withdrawals of the currency called NEM. He later added that he also had limited relationships in most other cryptocurrencies.

At a press conference on Friday evening, Coincheck President Koichiro Wada bowed and apologized. He said the company could apply for financial assistance, according to the Kyodo intelligence service. Japanese TV recordings showed a small group of customers in front of their headquarters in Tokyo on Friday night.

Coincheck, which describes itself as the most important exchange of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in Asia, said it detected unauthorized access to its system at around 3 am. Friday

The reported loss exceeds $ 441.6 million as a mount. Gox, a Bitcoin exchange based in Japan, lost in 2014.


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