How Should You Get Motivated To Hit The Gym Every day?- GYM Motivation

GYM MotivationContrary to what many people believe, motivation is an exhaustible resource. You don’t have it for an indefinite amount of time, so the real question is not why I lose motivation, but how do I increase my motivation. Now let’s break down the process in order for you to understand it and manipulate it.

GYM Motivation

Let’s start with what creates motivation. It can be self-induced or triggered by a third party (events, circumstances, people). It is self-induced when you decide that things have to change and you seek inspiring factors.

You watch motivational YouTube videos, read inspirational books and share motivational quotes on Facebook. This is an easy and effective process, but sadly it doesn’t last long. The moment you stop taking active steps you start to lose your motivation.

On the other hand, when a third party triggers your motivation, it is much longer-lasting. For example, you turn up at an event and everyone is discussing how much weight you’ve put on. The pain and sometimes even humiliation can boost your motivation and you decide that things will change for good.

However, this process is hard to replicate. Standing in front of a mirror and telling yourself how fat you are in order to create pain that will fuel your ambition is rarely a sound option. With that being said, if you fall in a situation where you endure such pain, take it as a blessing, because the greatest changes are born as a result of such events.

No matter how you got started, the next step is to turn your daily activity into a habit. Any action that requires mental effort on your side will waste your “battery”. Mental strength is also an exhaustible resource. You can take only so many decisions before feeling mentally fatigued.

That’s why many successful people limit the number of decisions they take to a minimum. Many don’t wonder for 15–20 min what to wear or what to eat – it’s all figured out already into a sustainable process.

Habits take little to no mental effort. You just do what you have to do. Period. If you hit the gym every morning at 6am it soon becomes a habit. You don’t need to drag yourself out of bed and debate with yourself for half an hour whether to go to the gym or not. It’s part of your everyday activities.

The final characteristic of staying motivated is to actually enjoy the process. Life is too short to do things you don’t enjoy. GYM Motivation

Fitness isn’t for everybody. Some prefer jogging, others prefer yoga and third may decide to sign up for martial arts. You have to acknowledge what is that thing that contributes to the quality of your life and then go do it.

Lifting weights contributes to the quality of my life – I feel stronger, more energetic and with a clearer mind. So how could I not find time or strength for something that makes my life so much better?

GYM Motivation is the condition of being eager to do something. So inspire yourself, turn this act into a habit and enjoy it. As simple as that.

GYM Motivation


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