Feeling Frustrated – What Do I Do? – No Idea For Happy Life – Read This

What do I do? When I Feel Frustrated & I Have No Work?

Happy Life

I do nothing, I think then I do nothing again I think and then I realized that I don’t have to do anything in my life. But Why?

Why am I not like others? people are happy, they have money, big cars, beautiful girlfriends and much more. Why am I so poor? Why am I not happy?

These all questions strike again and again in my mind and always I realized that I have bad luck then I feel depressed more. Maybe you are also like me and have same feelings as I have.

But What Is The Solution?

How Can I Become Happy?

How People Become rich?

But every time I got one answer that I can’t do anything because I have bad luck.

Then I’ve started to research that what happy people do for a better living? and I found that they don’t waste time and they utilize every single second of their life to more progress in their lives.

But What they do in their free time?

They use their spare time: But How?

1- They Exercise: Those people makes happy their life and their loved ones with the routine of exercise. They do exercise minimum 4 times a week and they stay fit and if you are fit then your body will be strong so you can do any work with more efforts because your body allows you.

2- They Learn: Yes, they always try to learn new things to their surroundings and never hesitate to ask anything from their colleagues, friends and family members.

3- They Communicate: Yes, Happy people communicate more and communication is a barrier and way both. It totally depends on how are you using?

4- They Enjoy: Happy people always try to enjoy their defeats and win situation both, they always take a lesson and move forward from bad things.

5- They Make Friends: Some of them always try to make new friends, they always explore and always looking for new friends and opposite friendship is always helpful. If you have new friends in your life then they will give you good vibes and motivation.

6- They Spent Time: Yes, happy people spent time with their family and always explore new destinations to enjoy with their family.

Maybe I am not right but in my opinion, happy people do these all above things in their life and this the reason that they are happier than you.

Do you know the reason, why I wrote this article? Before writing this blog, I was very depressed and nothing to do then I realized that I should write and I should use my free time to do better things. See you read this blog and I found happiness.

“Be Happy – Stay Healthy – Love Your Family & Friends 🙂 “


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