13 Fitness FAQs Answered By Emily Skye – Health & Fitness Expert

Fitness FAQs, Looks scary! , Right everyone wants a fit body , it’s a dream for everyone but its look so scary when you saw yourself in front of the mirror and you demotivate everyday that how can I be a fit like other fitness geeks? So Its a good news for you – Smile 🙂

Emily Skye started a Health & Fitness program through her blog i.e www.emilyskye.com , here Emily shares each and every secret about her fitness every day, You also can follow her on facebook, Instagram & Snapchat.

Today Emily Skye, The Health & Fitness Expert post on her social media account regarding her latest training program and fitness blog.And  surprisingly, she is getting a very good response on social media and her facebook account.

Fitness FAQs Answered By Emily Skye

Fitness FAQ

Following are the Fitness FAQs , posted by her followers on social media.

Q-1 : Any ideas for growing your booty if weak knees mean that squats and lunges are a no-go? I like glute bridges but would like some variety…

Ans :- What about elevated sumo squats, deadlifts, and step ups?

Q-2 :  Hey Emily! Quick question. Are you tea total? I enjoy a few glasses of wine at the weekend and wondered how detrimental this may be to the work I do through the week. Thanks xx Fitness FAQs

Ans :-  I only ever drink once or twice a year as I hate how it makes me feel! 1-2 classes a week of a good quality red wine should be fine! 🙂

Q-3 : Have you and videos of how to execute these glute activating exercises? I feel my squat efforts have been for nothing haha! I have a resistance band and started using it when doing pelvic thrusts laying down, using the band as resistance! I’ve lost a few stone already and feel my strength is at an all-time high, so time to utilize this new power! Haha. Your body is flawless 

Ans :- Thanks, honey. I’m editing a tutorial video now! I also do tutorials on my Snapchat sometimes! – 👻 Emily Skye fit

Q-4 :  I am already skinny but my whole body is like jello and some cellulite….should I just do workouts or both workout and a diet?? I want to look toned and have more energy to keep up with my kiddos 😁

Ans :- Definitely combine both weight lifting, high-intensity interval training, and a healthy diet!

Q-5 : I hope this isn’t too weird of a question but….does the size of your glutes effect the size of jeans you can wear? I’m kinda wrapped up in a certain size but I’m hoping its just because of a bigger ass that I can’t fit them anymore …

Ans :-  I did have to go up and was so happy too! My hard work paid off! Don’t get your head wrapped around a certain size as it doesn’t matter! As long as you’re healthy and fit that’s all that’s important! 😉😘

Q-6 : Can you give us an example of some of the activation exercises? I don’t know what any of those are.

Ans :- Yep I will do! I have filmed them to post soon! 😃

Q-7 : You look incredible. But, that can’t be comfortable. Lol 🙂

Ans :-  It’s very comfortable actually!

Q-9 : Amazing butt!! Can you do a video of all does favorite exercise that got you to your goal 🙂!? Plzzzzzz

Ans :- Thanks, Steph! I have filmed them but have to edit it! I’ll post soon!

Q-10 : Would donkey kicks or the glute machine be “glute activating exercises?”

Ans : They can help yes but aren’t my favorites as they use a lot of the lower back if not done correctly.

Q-11 : How much time do you use on these exercises before you start your actual workout?

I really struggle with activating my glutes. I have been working out pretty hard over the last year, with a main focus on the butt and thighs, but I can not see any changes in the way my butt is shaped. That sucks. It looks like a butt that never has worked out its entire life. I think my inactive glutes are the problem because my thighs are growing and getting strong. My butt – nope. I really need to start with glute activation exercises like these.

I didn’t know that this could be an issue before I started following you and reading all your tips. Thank you for enlighting me! You are amazing. Keep up the good work

Love from Norway!

Ans :- Hey honey, I spend about 20 mins doing activation exercises and warming up. They made a huge different for me! Definitely start incorporating them! I have filmed a video showing these so I’ll post it when it’s edited! 😘

Q-12 : Any chance of a collaboration video of your favorite glute exercises? X

Ans :- Yes I’m working on it! I have posted a few in the last week too! Check my video page on here! 😘

Q-13 : Woman you are fine…working on mine too😘

Ans :- Thanks, gorgeous girl!! Xx

Still more Fitness FAQs are in the queue for Emily Skye, She will answer all soon. Her fans are wishing to Emily Skye for her latest blog and training program .

Let’s talk about Emily Skye! Who is she?

Emily Skye is a Health & Fitness FAQs  expert ,she is most famous fitness personality on social media now these days.

She is regularly active on social media platform and every day share a unique video about fitness. Here we are going to post some information about her, which she has posted about herself on social media accounts.

Personal Information :- ( Information Source – Facebook)

My story…

Now we’ve all heard the big girl gets a fit story which without a doubt are inspiring & I love hearing about them. Although my story is different. I’m the “skinny, insecure, depressed girl turns fit, happy & confident”.

3 years ago I picked up my first copy of Oxygen Magazine. I had been exercising for about 6 months but didn’t really know what I was doing. I was the typical cardio machine girl. I had no idea that you shape & tone your body by doing strength training!


I was looking through Oxygen Magazine at the amazing, fit, strong, shapely women & knew right then & there that that’s who I wanted to be! I said to my partner Declan that I wanted to be fit & strong & be on the cover of Oxygen one day!

That year I entered the Oxygen cover model competition & was lucky enough to make it to the top 5! This was wonderful news for me as I’d only been doing weight training for around 6 months.

I then made it my ultimate goal to be on the cover!

The person I used to be… Fitness FAQs

All through my childhood up until my mid 20’s I have been insecure with who I was. I had no self-belief & was depressed. I started modeling when I was about 15.

I enjoyed the actual modeling part but I just never thought I was good enough for any jobs. I would hardly ever put myself forward for jobs & if I did I wouldn’t expect to get them. If I was lucky enough to get a job I’d make excuses as to why they picked me. I could never just be happy that I got it & believe that I deserved it. I was a pessimist,Fitness FAQs

I could never just be happy that I got it & believe that I deserved it. I was a pessimist, always negative & always put myself down.
I didn’t know who I was & I definitely wasn’t comfortable or happy with the person I was. I could imagine how hard it must have been for others to be around such a negative person.

I was always worried about what others thought about me & constantly did things to make them happy even if it meant putting my own happiness aside!

Making changes…

When my partner Declan & I got together nearly 7 years ago he woke me up to a lot of things! I started implementing changes in my life. If I didn’t like something I’d change it, if I couldn’t change it I accepted it & stopped wasting time worrying about it. I learned to make the most of the life I have & appreciate

I learned to make the most of the life I have & appreciate the things I do have rather than focusing on what I don’t!
I used to be in search of perfection but of course, it doesn’t exist so it was a vicious cycle of disappointment.- It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being the best you can be!

In order to overcome the way I used to be I had, to be honest with myself and take responsibility for what I was doing to myself. I was sabotaging myself & any chance I had of being happy.

I had to make a lot of changes & these changes took time & deliberate effort. Every day I would work hard to not go back to the person I used to be. If I started thinking negatively I’d stop myself quick smart.

Every time I doubted myself I’d tell myself I am good enough & I am more than capable – I still do this now! I replaced negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Some days I’m great & other days I find myself drifting back to how I used to be, but I keep at it to ensure I don’t get caught in that dark trap again. I’m continually changing the way I think about myself and life to be more positive. Over time it becomes easier & it now happens more easily!
I realize that I’m human and nothing is going to be easy and nothing will ever go perfectly. Nobody has a perfect life.


My active lifestyle is not only about my body & being fit, it’s just as much about my mind! I feel set free from the person I was previously. I am no longer preventing myself from living the best life possible.

I feel like a completely different person now! I am healthy, strong mentally & physically, I’m confident, I have self-belief, I’m truly happy & I love myself for who I am! I’ve taken responsibility for myself and what I think and do. It’s up to me to make my life the best life possible and I believe I am worth it! Fitness FAQs

Thank you so much to everyone online who has been so supportive of me & everything I do on; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & email. Your support doesn’t go unnoticed!

I hope I can continue to be a source of healthy and realistic motivation and inspiration for you. I try to post a free beginner to intermediate workout every day so keep a lookout for them or check out my free daily workouts app: ‘Emily Skye’s Daily Workouts’ in the app store.

My beautiful friends & family! Thank you for always being there for me & loving me no matter what! I love you!

A MASSIVE thank you to my beautiful man & my best friend Declan – You not only support me in everything I do but you believed in me even before I believed in myself! You gave me the wake-up call I needed, pushed me in the right direction & continued to love me through everything. I love you more & more every day!

Emily Skye.

“If you can imagine it; you can achieve it if you can dream it then you can BECOME it!”

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” Fitness FAQs

Her name is also  listed in an article :- Top 9 World’s Health & Fitness Expert


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