What Is Family Planning 2020 – IAS-UPSC Exam

1- Family Planning 2020 (FP 2020 ) is a global partnership that supports the rights of women and girls to decide,freely, and for themselves,whether, when, and how many children they want to have.

2- FP2020 is an outcome of the 2012 L)London Summit on family planning.

3- India is a signatory to FP2020

4- FP2020 is based on the principle that all women, no matter where they live should have access to lifesaving contraceptives.

What are the steps taken by India on Family Planning 2020?

5- Introducing New Contraceptive choices : The current basket of choice has been expanded to include new contraceptives viz. injectable contraceptive, centchroman, and progesterone-only pills (POP)

6- Refurbishing Contraceptive packaging : The packaging for condoms,OCPs, and ECPs has now been improved and redesigned so as to increase the demand for these commodities.

Important Note : These schemes and international commitments can be used as healthy points to differentiate your answers in UPSC Mains. FP2020’s focus is on family planning and these are unique initiatives by GOI around contraceptives (गर्भ निरोधक) and its promotion.


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