6 Best Vacation Spots In The World- Travel Guide 2017

Best Vacation Spots In The World – Well, it totally depends upon what kind of person you are and what are your interests.

Following are the few lovely & best vacation spots in the world :

1- Australia

We’ve got some of the best beaches, warm climate, or if you like skiing/ snowboarding, some freezing areas in winter. There are some amazing wineries, world-class restaurants, Unique Australian Fauna and, in general, friendly people. Besides, with the current exchange rate, it is such a cheap holiday for those with US dollars, pounds or euros.

Best Vacation Spots

Best Vacation Spots

Best Vacation Spots

Best Vacation Spots

My recommendation? Limit your time in Sydney & Melbourne. Sure, they’re the most known, but you’d be missing out on some fantastic spots including Cairns, Broome, Perth, Margaret River.

2-Are You Adventure / Thrill seeker? – Visit Whistler, British Columbia.

Best Vacation Spots
The Clock Tower”

One of the most compact & best vacation spots to get your adventure on. Take the mountain pass train from Vancouver to one of the Top 10 places worldwide to zip line – 1000 feet high over gigantic mountain pines, exhilarating white water rafting of all levels, mountain biking down the ski slopes offseason is an adrenaline rush beyond compare (feels like you’ve won the lottery every time you make it down), and take the tram ride to the peak for a beer and snowball fight after playing a round of frisbee golf through the mountains. Boredom is not an option here in this playground for adults; especially in the -18-degree vodka tasting ice room, and sobering your bottle of champagne in the wine cellar at Bearfoot Bistro.

3-For Cultural experience ? Visit- Beijing, China

Best Vacation Spot In The World

Everything and anything is here. Buddhist Monasteries where it feels like Indiana Jones is gonna swing through the temple at any moment – to the Banana Club, where Russian contortionists cage dances a foot above a sea of shoulder to shoulder Asian men moving in sync to the techno beat as you consume a towering Flaming Lamborghini. Oh, and grab some fried scorpions on a stick from the street vendors at night…

Do yourself a favor and visit the Temple of Heaven park early on a Saturday morning to witness hundreds of locals doing Tai Chi with swords and fans in unison, meet the very friendly walking club, watch dance lessons, the ribbon twirling group, music lessons… It’s the YMCA on steroids. Best part? You will be the ONLY tourist there to see it as it becomes the people’s park. Best hidden gem experience ever for photos and talking to the people, who seemed shocked I was even there to discover them.

And take a stroll with your camera through the Hutongs before they’re completely wiped out. This is the real deal, gritty China where some of the most generous people on Earth with their time, genuine happiness and humor, and curiosity of tall blonde Amercian women. Immerse yourself with them = best souvenir ever.

4-Scenery and Gastronomy? Italy – Best Vacation Spots

Best Vacation Spots

Pretty much anywhere in Italy this can be said, and it’s a close tie with France here, but I’m leaning Italy overall. Grab a Vespa and take your own tour along the Amalfi coastline, starting in  Sorrento. Other favorite hangout spots are Portofino and Rome. Walk the cities you visit… It’s the only way to see them and discover what I call “happy accidents” along the way. You’ll see the unexpected and meet the most interesting people. Favorite place to wander and just “be” without a watch or care in the world.

And the food? Talk to the locals. Find the little back alley doorway mom and pop eateries, the street vendor with the longest line, or grab it all at the farmers market and make your own impromptu feast on the spot. “Mangia bene, viva Felice.”

5-Tropical Beach Get Away? Eastern & Western Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii

They’re all great and beautiful Best Vacation Spots, and where you stay for lodging is always another factor to consider, upper crust posh or no frills easy… All good stuff here for laying around in the sun. Picking THE go to spot is too much of a toss up as I’m happy wherever I go for this category.

6-How About a Road Trip? Visit –  South Dakota Onward West, USA

Out of all the places I’ve been blessed to travel and experience across this globe, there’s still nothing like an old pickup truck to cruise West in. Seriously.If you’ve never taken a proper road trip with no real itinerary for days on end, you’re missing out on one of the best things life has to offer.

Riding shotgun with your best friend and lover behind the wheel, radio on the local station with your boots propped up on the dash while looking at nothing but sky spreading across miles of plains. Stumbling into the small town dive bars along the way and meeting the weather worn locals, cresting over a hill to miles of sunflower fields in full bloom, the Bad Lands in a fall blizzard – at night, sunsets that layer into dust filled starry skies, mountain switch back passes with no guard rails, watching a thunderstorm hours away that’ll never reach you… And best of all? The lack of suburban and big city consumerism. Ah… Sweet relief. This is where you run away to clear your head and find the quiet beauty within and around you. All while drinking cheap, ice cold beer from a cooler rattling around the bed of the truck and not giving a damn.



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