7 Relationship Insecurities You Shouldn’t Have After Your First Year Together

7 Relationship Insecurities You Shouldn't Have After Your First Year Together


Everyone comes into relationships with insecurities. Maybe you’re worried that your partner won’t be faithful or that they won’t have the same sense of humor as you. But there are some insecurities that you’ve hopefully overcome by your first year of being together as a result of your growing connection, and the trust you have built. Because as experts say, if you still have major insecurities in your relationship after the first year, your relationship might not last.

As licensed marriage and family therapist, Anna Osborn, MA, tells Bustle, one of the biggest insecurities you probably shouldn’t still have is trust. “A healthy relationship is meant to grow and deepen in connection and trust as time passes,” Osborn says. “If you’re finding yourself still insecure about trusting your partner or uncertain about opening up and being vulnerable, then you need to give your relationship pause.”


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