43 Reptile Eggs Were Found in a School Sandpit in Australia

The children of a primary school in New South Wales were startled after they found dozens of eggs that were thought to be snake eggs in a sandbox.


43 Reptile Eggs Were Found in Australia

FAWNA Wildlife Rescue volunteers were called to Laurieton Public School on the northwest coast of New South Wales after the children found the eggs on December 20, Fairfax Media reported.

Initially, 12 eggs were removed, but after being discovered, more volunteers returned for an exhaustive search.

After three days, 43 eggs were collected from seven nests.

Volunteers who witnessed the scene identified the eggs as those of a brown snake, much to the surprise of the children and parents.

The volunteers believed that they were laid by two snakes, most likely in a reserve that supports the school with FAWNA volunteer Yvette Atelier, and said the place was ideal for laying eggs.

“The sand was still cool and loose and due to the temperature it would have created the perfect place for snakes to regulate the eggs,” he said.

But after the egg images appeared online, social media users began questioning the volunteer’s verdict, suggesting it looked more like a lizard egg.

“My partner is an authorized reptile breeder, I tell everyone that they are not snake eggs, but lizard eggs,” a woman writes.

“Snakes do not bury their eggs, you will find bearded dragons or water dragons,” said another.

The Wildlife Charity moved to clarify the situation, confirming that their initial egg identification was indeed wrong.

“We are volunteers and not experts, but according to the information we had at hand, everything told us it was brown snake eggs, and we think we were right to treat it that way,” said FAWNA.

FAWNA apologized for any confusion about it.


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