16 Amazing Tricks To Get A Six Pack Abs

Six Pack Abs
Six Pack Abs Tricks

Perfect six pack abs is a dream of every second person in the world these days but many don’t know the process to get six pack abs.

How To Get Six Pack Abs?

Following are the amazing tricks to make a perfect body and to get a get six pack

#1. Keep reps per set fairly low between 10-12 reps

#2. Increase resistance not reps when it becomes too easy.

#3. Lower your overall body fat percentage to remove the “gut” around your abs.

#4. Work your entire “core” rather than just your abdominals.

#5. You don’t need to train them every day, only focus on abs three or four times a week.

#6. Train all major muscle groups, do cardio and follow a healthy diet.

#7. Exercise who consumed 43g of protein burned 21% more fat than those who drank a sugary post workout drink.

#8. Shorter high-intensity workouts reduce 20% more deep abdominal fat than moderate pace workouts.

#9. Interval sessions burn 50% more fat than 45-minute moderate cardio sessions.

#10.  In order to lose 1lb of fat, you will need to burn 2,500 calories.

#11. Researchers found watching TV during dinner twice a week results in 8lbs of weight gain a year.

#12. Don’t snack after training – even a long session because one long session will only burn off 600 calories.

So, These are the simple and amazing tricks to get Six Pack Abs.

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