10 Best Stretching and Flexibility Books Ever Written

Have you ever wondered what sources I use here at the Stretching Institute? Well, here is my top ten list. The following publications contain the best information on stretching, flexibility, and how to deal with sports injuries, and everyone has my personal support for the quality of their content.

Forgive me for my publications, but good; If I did not think I could address some of the books on stretching, flexibility and sports injuries, I would not have cared. Have fun while reading!

Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility – 3rd Edition

A fast and easy-to-use reference for anyone involved in health, physical activity, and sports activities. It is designed to minimize the risk of sports injuries and improve athletic performance. Trainers, coaches, athletes and fitness enthusiasts will be provided with a comprehensive reference guide to help them plan and carry out their training and practice sessions. Rehabilitation.

The Anatomy of Stretching – 2nd Edition

Stretching books are standard, but Stretch Anatomy takes a more fundamental approach than others and brings the reader into the body to show what happens during a stretch. There are 300 color images in the heart of the book, showing the primary and secondary muscles working on more than 130 critical sections located on the body surface. Targeting fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels and fitness professionals, the Anatomy of Stretching also focuses on what strains are helpful in alleviating or rehabilitating specific sports injuries.

The science of Flexibility – 3rd Edition

Get a full understanding of the principles underlying stretching and flexibility with the updated third edition of “Science of Flexibility.” This handy text includes stretching exercises illustrated with a focus on the muscle structure and the scientific nature of the stretching. You will learn more about the principles and clinical aspects of flexibility, factors that limit flexibility, and techniques for improving flexibility throughout the body.

Facilitated Stretching – 4th Edition

The fourth edition of Facilitated Stretching is now being reworked, reorganized and packaged with a DVD. It surpasses its famous predecessor as the best source for the latest proprietary Neuromuscular Facilitation (NFP) stretching techniques. More than 350 photographs showing the route enrich the book, while the new 60-minute DVD demonstrates the stretching and strengthening exercises in more detail. A unique link also allows you to keep the book flat while doing the activities without losing your seat. The DVD is an excellent visual tool to improve your technique and make the most of your routines.

Stretching for Functional Flexibility

Stretching for Functional Flexibility is a reference for the safe, effective and efficient use of stretching exercises to improve mobility and movement potential. The text contains all the information needed to design and implement a safe and effective dilation program. This book also discusses the origin, insertion, innervation, and activity of each muscle to gain a better understanding of the broader context of the human musculoskeletal system and biomechanics. The extension of functional flexibility starts logically with the basics necessary for understanding the stretch, then covers first stretch and stretch programs and ends with specific applications.

The Anatomy of Sports Injuries – 2nd Edition

This book has a basic approach that puts it in the body to show what happens when a sports trauma happens. By the heart of the Anatomy of Sports Injuries are three hundred color illustrations detailing the sports injuries, as well as 200 linear drawings of simple stretching, strengthening and re-training exercises to help the reader accelerate the damage. Recovery process. Anatomy of Sports Injuries targets athletes or fitness enthusiasts who have been injured and want to know what the injury means, how to clean up the area, and how to prevent future complications or injuries.

Clinical Guide to Sports Injuries

A guide to the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries. It shows different types of injuries, injury mechanisms, and treatment methods. It has more than 400 color pictures and 120 photos. Easy-to-understand format The Sports Injury Clinical Guide is a well-organized, easy-to-understand and widely illustrated text for general practitioners and sports physicians.

Stretching Therapy

This hands-on resource examines the research, theory, and practice of stretch treatment. Anatomical illustrations and clear descriptions facilitate the learning of muscles affected by treatment techniques. The color photographs show the correct positioning of the patient and the therapist with explanations of each movement on the same page or two pages.

Ultimate Flexibility

Written by acclaimed author and martial artist Sang H. Kim, Ultimate Flexibility is your guide to maximum flexibility in your workout. Learn about the different types of stretching, what are the best methods for beginners, when to learn advanced techniques, and why you should avoid certain kinds of exercises. You will also find information that you will not find in any other martial arts book, including a detailed study of how your body works for or against you in your workouts and how flexibility can make it stronger and faster. Special bonuses include ten entire division tips, 20 high-kick tips, and ten martial arts workouts.

Sports Stretch – 2nd Edition

This new edition of Sports Stretch is a comprehensive guide to flexibility for weekend warriors and elite attendees. It contains more sections than the first edition, a new user-friendly design, and more contextual information on how and why. At the heart of this extensive book are the illustrations and step-by-step instructions for 311 different sections. Sections can be used individually or grouped with other segments to form a custom flexibility program. Athletes who want to use stretching to improve their performance in a particular sport will love the Book Stretch Program section. It is full of practical tables that show the most effective exercises for an individual game. There are examples of programs for a total of 41 sports!


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